We treat the source of your pain...

Not just the symptoms.

High Gear PT provides treatment using a holistic, hands on approach...

in order to achieve the highest quality of function and well-being in all of our patients.

High Gear PT is the only clinic in Charlottesville and Albemarle County with a Certified Functional Manual Therapist™

Physical Therapy that focuses on your whole body. We specialize in:

How We Can Help You

At High Gear Physical Therapy we use a unique and highly skilled integrative approach to helping patient’s reclaim their access to motion, facilitate their Core First Strategies™ and facilitate optimal human movement patterns utilizing Functional Manual Therapy™ which is based on principles of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, more commonly know as PNF. This approach utilizes evidence based evaluation and treatment principles as well as skilled intuitive and artistic treatment strategies. High Gear PT offers a holistic, hands on approach to therapy in which highly individualized care is provided.

High Gear Physical Therapy facilitates the restoration of the body’s joints and systems to an efficient state, allowing patients to function optimally by addressing the source of pain/dysfunction not just the symptoms. We empower patients with tools to stay injury free and healthy by providing our patient’s strategies to help decrease the inflammatory process. We pride ourselves in being able to help patients that have failed in their attempts to be successfully treated within the mainstream medical model. We only treat one to two patients per hour to allow ample time to perform our high-level manual therapy coupled with patient education and therapeutic exercises. We are Charlottesville’s and Albemarle Counties only clinic with a Certified Functional Manual Therapist™ (CFMTTM). High Gear Physical Therapy, LLC serves its clients with the intent of providing an alternative to the traditional physical therapy experience by offering a whole body-centered approach.

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