It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Matthew L. Holbrook. My story begins when I was diagnosed by my orthopedist with two rotator cuff tears, compounded by a torn bicep. The injury was to my right, dominate arm. I had limited motion in my arm and surgery was recommended. For a number of personal reasons I wanted to postpone surgery as long as possible. In an attempt relieve some of the pain I was experiencing on a daily basis, my doctor recommended physical therapy. I, consequently, began conventional physical therapy and got little or no relief from the daily pain. I was on the road to surgery.

Matthew Holbrook was recommended by a friend who sang the praises.. He told me Matt was trained in Functional Manual Therapy techniques, which had proven very successful in reducing pain, and he personally was one of his success stories. Although this facility was not close to my home, I decided it would be worth the travel time if it worked. Immediately, I was impressed by Matt. During my entire session, he made me aware of exactly what he was doing and what benefits were realistically expected. He answered all my questions in language I understood and related to. Matt’s professionalism and expertise in his field are second to none. Now, for the best part, after each session I began to experience major improvement in my pain levels, and as an added bonus, my range of motion and mobility increased. My quality of life began to improve and my doctor was quite impressed. His comment, at my last visit, was that I should not have the strength, with my injury, to raise my arm the way I do. He was also impressed by the improvement in my pain level. Although, I am not totally pain free, my pain is quite manageable, and my need for surgery has been postponed. I do not need any further pain medication. My pain in controlled with Advil on a need basis. I believe this outcome is solely a result of my treatment.

Anyone who has experienced pain on a daily basis can relate to how debilitating it can be and how it impacts your quality of life. I highly recommend that you run, not walk, to see Matt.