Matt, there are no adequate words to express my gratitude to you. I was thinking back to this time last year. School was starting, and for the first time in fifteen years, I would not be returning to teach. I thought it would be a happy time- more time for myself and all my many hobbies, plus travel with my husband. But instead, I felt very depressed. I continued to go to new doctors hoping they would be able to help me, but nothing worked. Typically, I have a lot of energy and accomplish an enormous amount in a day, but last fall, I could barely get out of bed. It was unlike me, and my family was worried. Until last year, I never understood the toll chronic pain could take on the quality of your life.
To be perfectly honest, when I came to you in February, I did not have a lot of hope that things would improve. I’d been disappointed so many times in the past year, and I was beginning to feel as though I’d never be myself again. After only my second visit to you, I could hardly believe how much better I felt. Then, with each appointment, more and more improvement to the point where I had my life back- all thanks to you.
So this fall, school started last week, and I had a very busy agenda planned. Everyday I woke up looking forward to the days and weeks ahead, instead of dreading them. David and I have several great trips planned in the next few months, and I’m actually looking forward to the holidays, unlike last year when I kept wondering how I’d get everything done when my family visited.
Matt, you are a true life saver, and I will never forget the difference you made in mine.
With much gratitude,
D.R. Charlottesville, VA
WOW! I have had problems with my back due to a construction accident when I was in High School… 30 years ago. Now, I am a dentist and have been practicing for almost 20 years. During that time, due to poor ergonomics and lack of physical/core conditioning, I have had my back go into spasm many times. In the past, I would seek help from a Chiropractor. I even had to resort to steroid injections…They would alleviate my pain, but not solve the underlying condition.

In July of this year, my wife and I were planning on leaving town for our anniversary and my back went into spasm so badly that I literally could not get off the floor. It was the worst that it’s ever been.
Matt Holbrook was kind enough to see me after his regularly scheduled patients at 6pm. I limped/crawled into his office, and WALKED out. Matt is a wonderful combination of intelligence, compassion, and unparalleled skill. He took the time to get to know me and my entire history. He asked poignant questions and discovered that a lot of my underlying problem was an imbalance that could be traced back to scar tissue from an abdominal surgery I had when I was 5 years old! Along with a lack of core strength, tight hamstrings and hip flexors.

That first session, he was able to release the spasm I had gently with functional manual therapy and he printed out exercises for me to do at home ever morning to increase my flexibility and core strength. He also recommended I start to take Pilates. I have been seeing him regularly since July and doing Pilates, and I have not felt this good since I was in my 20s!

Matt Holbrook is an incredible and truly gifted therapist and I recommend him to all my family, friends and patients. In fact, my wife recently suffered whiplash in a car accident. He has helped her out tremendously in her recovery.

Whether you have nagging joint pain or are debilitated by joint or muscle pain, you should give Matt a call…you will NOT be disappointed.

D.J. Bickers, DDS Charlottesville, VA
As someone who’s spent my share of time in physical therapy I can honestly say Matt approaches the process from a very different & refreshing lens. He’s passionate about helping his patients feel AND function better permanently. Matt looks closely at the big picture as well as all the little pieces that play a part in between. His genuine compassion & nonjudgmental personality provide a trust and confidence that’s imperative to success in rehabilitation. I’ve recommended Matt to many & will continue to do so without a moment’s hesitation.
Kate Bruno, RD Charlottesville, VA
I wished I lived in town to get treated by Dr. Holbrook. He is such a great manual therapist it is very difficult to find. In September I came to the area to visit a friend and needed an appointment for my lower back. With the use of Functional Manual Therapy. He was able to quickly get my pelvis moving and freed up. Thanks so much for your care and compassion. I will definitely send friends.
Dr. Justin Lin, Orange County, CA
Mathew Holbrook provides a type of PT well beyond the normal nuts and bolts approach of most PT centers. I have done both and while there is nothing wrong with the standard approach to PT Mathew excels at the nuanced elements required to get your injured body 100% back to normal. I don’t claim to understand everything he did but the bodywork, insight and specific exercises he provided definitely improved my knee (torn meniscus repair) and provided me with a sense of PT completion. I highly recommend Mathew and his work.
J. Stewart, Charlottesville, VA
I am extremely grateful to you for all you have done to “get me back into fighting shape.” I was extremely debilitated with pains and dizziness when I first arrived at your clinic. I had tried so many forms of treatment without success. I was very fortunate to find someone with your kindness and expertise to be able to undergo treatment with you.

Needless to say, a few months later, I feel great improvement and relief. There is no greater gift you can give someone, despite the challenges with medicine and insurance companies, than the gift of their health back. Thank you so much for the tireless efforts, the extra time you carved out for my care, to render me feeling so well from your treatment. You have a great gift in your healing of others and should feel so incredibly good about the work you do each day to help others at such a high level.

Mindy C., New Jersey
Matt Holbrook has a passion to heal people!  A few words come to mind when thinking of Matt: professional, compassionate, patient and kind.  Matt’s years of experience and in-depth  knowledge have helped me as I heal from hip surgery. He is a wonderful physical therapist.  Thanks, Matt!  You are the best!
Carol L., Martinsville, NJ
It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Matthew L. Holbrook. My story begins when I was diagnosed by my orthopedist with two rotator cuff tears, compounded by a torn bicep. The injury was to my right, dominate arm. I had limited motion in my arm and surgery was recommended. For a number of personal reasons I wanted to postpone surgery as long as possible. In an attempt relieve some of the pain I was experiencing on a daily basis, my doctor recommended physical therapy. I, consequently, began conventional physical therapy and got little or no relief from the daily pain. I was on the road to surgery.

Matthew Holbrook was recommended by a friend who sang the praises.. He told me Matt was trained in Functional Manual Therapy techniques, which had proven very successful in reducing pain, and he personally was one of his success stories. Although this facility was not close to my home, I decided it would be worth the travel time if it worked. Immediately, I was impressed by Matt. During my entire session, he made me aware of exactly what he was doing and what benefits were realistically expected. He answered all my questions in language I understood and related to. Matt’s professionalism and expertise in his field are second to none. Now, for the best part, after each session I began to experience major improvement in my pain levels, and as an added bonus, my range of motion and mobility increased. My quality of life began to improve and my doctor was quite impressed. His comment, at my last visit, was that I should not have the strength, with my injury, to raise my arm the way I do. He was also impressed by the improvement in my pain level. Although, I am not totally pain free, my pain is quite manageable, and my need for surgery has been postponed. I do not need any further pain medication. My pain in controlled with Advil on a need basis. I believe this outcome is solely a result of my treatment.

Anyone who has experienced pain on a daily basis can relate to how debilitating it can be and how it impacts your quality of life. I highly recommend that you run, not walk, to see Matt.

Rescida Karkowsky, Montville, New Jersey
I had been constantly experiencing moderate to extreme neck pain for the past ten years. My lengthy discomfort caused me to involuntarily jerk my neck continually. I often missed out on a good night’s sleep due to the pain. I had been to various doctors, physical therapists and acupuncturists. After only several weeks Matt was able to break me of my neck twitching and bring me relief which I thought I would never experience. I continue to do the exercises and stretches he prescribed. My 13 year old son continually requires physical therapy and he also is grateful that we switched from his former physical therapist.
Steve Mactaggart, Warren, NJ
In all my years of various injuries you are the most proficient at curing them. Your ability to diagnose and treat are unequaled. Thanks for being the best.
Herb Heflich, Martinsville, NJ
I want to thank you for all the tender loving care I received at your hands as I recovered from my rotator cuff operation. You coaxed me along patiently, constantly helping me to expand my strength and range of motion, and restraining my inclination to rush the therapy process. As a result, I seem to have achieved a high level of recovery in considerably less time than others who have gone through the same experience.

I felt your therapy program was useful, effective and well designed to rehabilitate as fast as the nature of my injury permitted. I also found my three-a-week, two-a-week visits a pleasant personal experience. I’m sure this aids and speeds the recovery process. During my last two weeks, I’ve done all sorts of foolish things, cavorting around with my 40 pound grandson. My shoulder seems to have held up well. Thanks for all you’ve done for me!

Alfred Walton, Warren, NJ